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How many reviews can I collect with One Tap Card/Plate?

There is no limit on the number of scans or reviews you can take with One Tap Card / Plate so you can take infinite amount of reviews.

For how long One Tap Card is valid?

Once you purchase One Tap Card it is is valid and activated for life.

Can I change the link on my One Tap Card?

Yes, you can change the link on your card by contacting us.

How can I setup One Tap Card?

Wonderful question! You can be sure that each of our cards is pre-programmed to work perfectly with your company's Google Profile, giving you the ease of tapping to start collecting reviews.

Does writing a review require a Google account for my customers?

Yes, customers do require a Google account in order to review your business.

The majority of smartphone users are signed into Google accounts via Google Maps, YouTube, or Gmail. Actually, 93% of smartphone owners have a Google account.

Does this work with iPhones and Android devices?

Our cards work with Android devices (OS 5.0 & up) as well as iPhones (iOS 13 & up).

Can One Tap cards get wet and how to clean it?

With regard to liquids, every product is unique. We offer water resistant metal cards, plastic cards, sticky tags, and signage that can be briefly submerged in water. Cleaning is advised with a moist cloth or Windex.

Water should not come into contact with our wooden NFC cards as they are not waterproof. Water will seep into the natural wood, maybe delaminate the card. Use a dry cloth and a small amount of water to clean.

Do I need a Google My Business local listing ?

Your establishment's listing is mandatory to receive Google reviews. If you don't have one yet, let our team know so we can help you create one.

My customer reviews are not displayed

It sometimes happens that Google checks the reviews posted when there have been a lot of them at once, or when it's been a long time since there were any. 

Don't worry, it'll only take a few days before they appear! ☺️

Which devices are compatible with your NFC products for reviews?

Today, the majority of cell phones are equipped with an NFC reader. Whether you're using Android or IOS, you'll be able to read our contactless products without a hitch. Some older devices don't have NFC readers, which is why we still offer QR codes on our plates, and any smartphone with a camera will be able to read them. ☺ 

Is this NFC near-field data transfer technology secure?

NFC is a near-field data transfer technology that requires no connection. This means there's no risk of your personal data on your cell phone being retrieved, downloaded, hacked or anything else. You'll be able to use your NFC products with complete peace of mind, free of charge and in complete security. 👌

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