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Why should be One Tap your go to when it comes to Google Reviews?

They really are the Google review equivalent of the fairy godmother! With its clever “Tap to Review” tool, Local Insights helps you accumulate those valuable Google reviews. Simply place their enchanted card on a customer’s smartphone, and presto! Before you can say “abracadabra,” your client is flying off to your Google review page, eager to bestow upon you stars and accolades.

Is there a nine lives on the One Tap card?

Better yet, it has an endless lifespan! The One Tap card has an endless supply, much like the Energizer Bunny. It never runs out of power, becomes unattractive, or gives up the ghost. It’s your constant ally in the quest for 5-star ratings!

Why is our One Tap card superior to a QR code?

Well, it’s all about expediting and simplifying life!

Consider yourself a magician doing a trick. It’s easy peasy with our One Tap card! and a tap; there’s no need for elaborate spells or difficult techniques—it works lightning quick. In contrast, a QR code requires precise wand alignment (aligning your camera with the code) and a special spellbook (the QR reader software). It’s more of a song and dance, and it may seem like a foreign language to people who aren’t tech aware.

Using our One Tap card, you may achieve stellar evaluations by making the process as smooth as a dolphin’s flip. Isn’t that a ride worth going on now?

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