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The evolution of digital marketing has become more important now than ever. The rise of digital technology, also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, has changed how businesses communicate and engage with their target markets.

Gone are the days of cold-calling and print ads in the hopes of landing a sale. Digital marketing provides not only great ways to find and attract consumers online but also comprehensive tracking and analytics. The online age is now and if you have not hired a knowledgeable and experienced marketing agency to drive your brand, then you are going to be left behind.

There are three major tiers that any good digital agency in Thailand and elsewhere should be incorporating into a bespoke digital marketing strategy. Firstly, you need to be found online – which is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in. Secondly, paid performance or paid media is an ongoing marketing drive that actively markets you online. The final tier is social media campaigns that complement the digital marketing strategy to ensure you are marketing on the social platforms that your consumers are active on. These three services or digital trends are explained in more detail below.


SEO essentially means your website can be found online when using a search engine. Consumers will use certain keywords in Google to search for services or products and if your website is properly geared for SEO, your business will appear in these results. If your website is optimized correctly, your consumers will visit your website organically, meaning without paying for advertisements to attract them on the very top and sides of Google. This saves time and money and is a great way to market online.

Paid Performance

Paid performance or PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing as mentioned earlier is advertising set up on Google or other platforms, which the company will budget and pay for. This type of digital marketing is backed up with analytics and results which provide the business with a better insight into their marketing efforts. These ads include Google Ad campaigns, Remarketing, Google Display ads, YouTube ads, Lead Generation, and more. Without paid performance campaigns, your digital media strategy will not reach its full potential.

Social Media

The entire world is online, and they are engaged socially online too. From toddlers to teenagers to retired people, they are all using one or more social media platforms to do a host of things. Engaging and attracting your target audience to engage with your business is more complex than just creating a Facebook business page and posting content occasionally. A great social media campaign can go viral and bring in business just by being relevant or clever.
Social media is mainstream and if you want to catch the attention of consumers, you need creative agencies who think outside the box and understand the nuances of digital marketing to help you go the extra mile. Digital agencies are full of agile, competitive, and creative minds who collectively add that certain edge to a digital strategy. Add years of experience and clients to this mix and you have the best agency to work with yours. If you have not enlisted the services of a reputable digital agency in Thailand yet, you are behind the curve.